Why a Janitorial Franchise is a Smarter Investment


When it comes to owning a business today, there are many franchise options to consider. For example, many people choose to move into ownership of a janitorial franchise. It’s a huge industry, and the reasons for getting into this industry as an investment are wide and varied. We’re going to take a quick look at why you could make a lot out of an investment in a janitorial franchise.

With the right work and effort, a franchise in the commercial cleaning industry can be pretty lucrative. Here’s why it’s a smart investment than most franchise options you might consider.

People need help with cleaning

For one, there is no shortage of people who need helping with cleaning. It’s a sector that is seeing continual employment growth and investment as more businesses and busy people need help with cleaning. Cleaning franchises are expected to keep growing in size until the early 2020s, so it would be a wise investment to start now.

This is an industry with growth and potential and is nowhere near its maximum.

Janitorial franchises are often secure

Starting a successful franchise is often dependent on investing in a stable, secure industry. Well, the janitorial industry is very secure. It’s probably one of the best places to start as it’s such a consistently growing enterprise. Companies and people need commercial cleaning expertise, and they are happy to pay for it – they see it as a worthwhile investment.

As such, this is a franchise where you can build up a long list of consistently returning clients who need your expertise regularly.

Various forms of franchise exist

Another nice benefit of this particular blend of franchise is that, for the most part, you have so many options to pick from. You could be working in anything from disaster restoration to post-tenancy clean-up through to upholstery cleaning, environmental cleaning, dry cleaning, or anything else you feel like you could work as a part of.

A janitorial franchise can see you work in so many industries, making it easy to find your place in the commercial cleaning industry.

Environmental standards are changing

As the world wakes up to the importance of becoming more environmentally secure, people need more help with cleaning in a green manner. As such, your business will be a smart investment as green and environmentally friendly cleaning becomes a topic of conversation. As such, you could find that the industry continues to grow on the back of green deals which will be struck in government as the environmental crisis becomes more mainstream.

Stay in total control

While any franchise offers control, janitorial franchises offer control over staff and your clients. People will trust your expertise and rely on you to get the job done to the highest of standards. As such, there comes a time when you are in total control of both who you work with, and what you do when you work.

If you like to be in command of your entire business as well as what you do when you work, a cleaning franchise is very much worth your time and consideration. It’s a growing industry with huge potential, whilst being a specialist industry where you retain total control over what you and your team do.


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