Virus Disinfecting


With the COVID­19 going around, it’s important to understand what exactly a virus is and how you can appropriately disinfect surfaces to prevent transmission of a virus.

If you’re curious about keeping you and others safe with virus disinfecting measures, then continue reading ­ particularly business owners currently trying to run a workplace amidst the coronavirus situation.

What Are Viruses & How Are They Spread?

Before you learn about virus disinfecting in relation to COVID­19, you first need to understand what a virus is and how exactly this virus spreads (as well as other viruses).

A virus, in the simplest sense, is a “submicroscopic infectious agent” that can only thrive and multiply within the living cells of an organism.

Most viruses spread primarily via “droplets.” These often escape your body when you sneeze, cough, or through your nasal discharge. When they are wiped onto a surface, they can easily transmit to other people.

Some viruses carry these droplets through the air and cause them to land on other people’s faces, making it easier to spread, while others are more difficult to contract.

These so-­called “droplets” can even last up to more than 24 hours on surfaces such as metal and plastic, as seen with the flu. With this in mind, it’s extremely important to eliminate them as quickly as possible, and the best way to do that is via disinfectant.

How To Disinfect A Virus

As previously mentioned, a virus spreads via contact through their droplets.

You can kill these droplets by disinfecting the surfaces they land on, such as tables, doorknobs, telephones, keyboards, EFT/POS machines, and many others.

A disinfectant is an antimicrobial agent with the purpose of destroying microorganisms on surfaces. They can also “inactivate” these microorganisms, rendering them useless.

When you need to disinfect a commercial area, you could also consider hiring a professional cleaning service such as Jantize.

Typically, these cleaning services will use high­ quality disinfectants and cleaning chemicals to kill bacteria, germs, and to make the area look pristine.

This process is no different when it comes to disinfecting the COVID­19 virus, or any other virus, for that matter. The same professional measures should be taken in any commercial area, such as offices and banks.

With the current COVID­19 situation, these facts on virus disinfecting are crucial to limiting its spread and infection rate while ensuring your workplace is taking the best health precautions possible.

Whether you’re still operating a physical business during this time or you’re planning ahead for the future when moving back in, take virus disinfecting very seriously, and you will maintain a healthy working environment for your employees and customers.