The Best Things to Do and See in Bradenton Beach

Imagine a small ocean town with sandy beaches and fishing piers where the locals lure you in with homemade food and outstanding hospitality. It almost sounds like heaven, doesn’t it? Well, this small town actually exists and you will find it on Anna Maria Island just off the Gulf Coast. We are talking about Bradenton Beach – a lovely place where you can unwind and lounge away from the frenzy of the big city.

Here are some of the best things that you can do and see in Bradenton Beach, Florida:

Fish off your dinner from the pier

Bradenton Beach has a generous selection of restaurants where you can enjoy delicious meals. However, if you want to provide dinner for your family with your own hands, you can do so by fishing off the Bradenton Beach City Pier. This place is the perfect location for catching seatrout or grouper fish that you can prepare at the nearby cleaning station before taking them home for a tasty cookout.

Enjoy local food on Coquina Beach

For visitors that want to explore the local culture, few places in Bradenton Beach can compare to the Coquina Beach area. Here you can stroll through the Beach Market and pick fresh food from local growers and sellers. You can also try some of the tasty fish tacos at one of the many roadside stands or sit down for a refreshing lunch at the seafood restaurants on location.

Celebrate the nightlife in Bradenton Beach

Bradenton Beach is a small community where tourists usually outnumber the locals. This status quo has paved the way for many nightclubs and music venues to appear by the seaside. If you are looking to have some fun and dance the night away, you can do so at one of the many lounges, bars, and clubs where both outside visitors and residents drop by frequently.

Take a boat trip on the ocean

The marine life around Bradenton Beach is definitely a sight to see for every tourist. You can book a boat trip for you and the family and head out into the sea for an adventurous full-day trip. Just off the coast, you can witness some of the many dolphins that live in the area and who usually enjoy the attention of human visitors.

Explore Bradenton Beach in your own way

Bradenton Beach is not a town where you lose yourself easily. It is a small but hospitable community that has a lot to offer for every visitor that ventures on its streets. You can explore the city in your own way, either by walking or biking and still benefit from a wonderful experience. Additional means of transportation include Segways, taxis and roller blades.

Play a game of Miniature Golf with the family

Bradenton Beach is home to The Fish Hole – an entertainment center where you can enjoy a fun game of Miniature Golf. This venue is perfect for families who want to spend their holidays practicing an exciting and bonding activity.  The center also disposes of snack bars, arcade games, and lounge areas.