Supporting Businesses Like Belk

Jantize Supports The American Dream. We help businesses, small to large, keep running day to day by keeping their facilities clean for their workers and their customers through our commercial cleaning service. We also provide business opportunity to people to own their own business through our franchise system. We strongly support this dream for all and celebrate the stories of businesses all across our great country. This series focuses on these stories.

It all started in a little town called Monroe, just outside of Charlotte, NC by a man named William Henry Belk. Back in the 1800’s the prices of items were always negotiated and could constantly change as well as be too expensive for the local people. So Henry decided to start his own company in 1888 called New York Racket and later renamed Belk Brothers after the addition of John Belk, Henry’s brother, as a partner.

This store did something unusual at the time, it bought in bulk to save money and passed these savings to its customers. It also sold its goods at fixed prices which was not a normal business practice of the day. These new business practices allowed Henry realize his American Dream of owning his own successful business as well as help the local community by supplying them with affordably priced goods at a set price.

In those days it was no surprise to see Henry and John wandering around the store arranging the merchandise on tables and talking with customers. The duo were the first in the store and always the last to leave. The two usually only left after every customer had been helped, staying as late as was needed. Henry would often sleep at the hotel across the street from the Charlotte store so that he could be there at the store as early as possible the next day.

The Belk Brothers hard work and low prices had definitely helped them build a successful business but what grew them was a series of partnerships. They would find hard working individuals to partner with to build a new store in a new area in order to expand their services. This practice of giving others a chance to own their own stake in the company was an early form of franchising and was a huge catalyst to their success. These new stores would often carry the name of the partner along with the Belk name.

Today Belk is the nation’s largest, privately-owned department store with over three hundred stores in sixteen states. The company employs more than 20,000 people and still maintains the family atmosphere and dedication to affordable prices coupled with overwhelmingly great service just like when it was founded.

Here at Jantize we support The American Dream by supporting businesses like this one. One way we support them is through our franchising program. Our franchise program can give individuals in the Charlotte area the means to be their own boss, own their own business and realize their own American Dream. To learn more about how to be a franchisee for Jantize in the Charlotte area please click the button below to learn more.