Together with John R. Wood

Jantize Supports The American Dream. We help businesses, small to large, keep running day to day by keeping their facilities clean for their workers and their customers through our commercial cleaning service. We also provide business opportunity to people to own their own business through our franchise system. We strongly support this dream for all and celebrate the stories of businesses all across our great country. This series focuses on these stories.

Paradise Discovered in Florida

The city of Naples, Florida started out just like any other city. It was once a untouched piece of land that was ripe for habitation. So a senator by the name of General John S. Williams along with another man by the name of Walter Haldeman traveled down from Louisville looking for a piece of Floridian land to build a city. They discovered a bay that they described as paradise hidden behind a stretch of beach. They decided this was the place and they purchased 3,171 acres of land for only $11,136. They named the area Naples because of its similarity to the Italian peninsula.

Naples Struggles To Grow

The Naples Town Improvement Company was founded in 1886 to establish the town. The company went to great lengths to get people to buy in to the idea of the town by ferrying people to the plot of land so they could see it firsthand. But despite the efforts of the Naples Town Improvement Company the town struggled to grow. This all changed when Ed Crayton, a successful land developer from St. Petersburg, came to town. Mr. Crayton purchased all of the land in town except for Mr. Haldeman’s house and enjoyed great success selling it until his death in the 1950’s, after which his wife took over for him.

Tragedies Give Naples A Boost

There were two historical tragedies that actually helped to spur great growth in Naples, Florida. The first was the great war, World War II. During World War II the US Army Air Field (now Naples Airport) was home to a substantial contingent of service men and women. After the war was over a lot of these men and women came back to Naples to make a home there, substantially bolstering the Naples real estate market.

Many years later another tragedy in the form of Hurricane Donna, blasted the southwest Florida coast with a direct hit. Surprisingly, these natural disaster turned out to be a blessing in disguise for the town of Naples, Florida. The influx of insurance money and loans after the hurricane’s strike put Naples in a period of strong economic development.

The Early Days of John R Wood

In 1958 another man, his wife and infant son moved into town. They had no job and no idea on what the future held for them. All they had was faith that everything would work out. This man was John R. Wood. John R. Wood was born and raised in Star City, Arkansas and was an entrepreneur from the start. His first entrepreneurial effort was working with his brother selling model airplanes out of his father’s sporting goods store. After high school he continued his sales career by becoming a traveling salesman for his family’s fishing lure business. Soon after this John joined the Navy and then went to college after he served his time. It was here at college that he met his wife by offering her a piece of gum in the library and following up with a request for a date with her. After John R. Wood completed college he practiced law as an attorney but it never really stuck with him. His desire and talent for sales and running his own business was still a fire burning deep inside him. So one day, as he was visiting his father in Ft. Meyers, his father told him that if his attorney aspirations don’t work out for him he should consider moving to Florida to sell real estate. Neither of them realized at the time but this statement would make a profound impact on John and change his life.

John R Wood Weathers The Storm

It wasn’t long after John’s father made the comment that John had moved his family to the sleep fishing village of Naples and set up his own real estate company, John R. Wood Real Estate in 1958. At the time Naples had just a few thousand people but that was soon to change. Just two years after John R. Wood was established the terrible disaster of Hurricane Donna hit. This disaster gave John R. Wood the opportunity it needed because after the damage from the hurricane Naples was flooded with insurance money and loans from banks to prospective homeowners.

What Made John R. Wood Different

In the 1960’s the Florida real estate market had a bad reputation. Most people considered all of the land that was being sold was just swamp land and not able to be built on so John R. Wood worked to change this mentality with his slogan “Walk on it Before You Buy”. John wanted the company to have a reputation of integrity so he would take all prospective buyers out to the properties in a Jeep so they could actually set foot on the land instead of just seeing pictures or flying over it. This honesty contributed to the enormous success of John R. Wood Properties at the time and helped to establish them as a major player in the Southwest Florida real estate market.

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