Should I Buy a Franchise? What are the Pros and Cons?

buying a janitorial franchise

Do you ever dream of running your own janitorial and/or commercial cleaning business? Many people do. It’s a fun way to make a living, and often provides you with hard, busy days that feel incredibly rewarding. It can often do a lot for you to keep at it and can be a great way to build up a strong business presence. As you will know yourself, though, there is a lot of competition. Therefore, many people who choose to get into this line of work choose to invest in a janitorial franchise instead. If you are in the mood to buy a franchise, particularly in an industry like commercial cleaning or a janitorial franchise, you’ll see many options exist for you.

Why should I buy a franchise?

For one, you are in charge of your own business. Owning part of a janitorial franchise is a great feeling as it means that you are totally in control of your own working days. You are the boss in more or less every way. However, this does not mean that you are left to do it alone. The benefit of a franchise is the tools, support, assistance, expertise, knowledge, and training that you need is all provided.

Therefore, if you know that you could run a commercial cleaning business but lack the experience to build a brand, this takes out much of the work. Your skills are likely in leadership and in getting the job done, not in marketing and brand building. By carrying the good name of a respect commercial cleaning brand, you take out the need to convince people to try out your services.

The challenge, then, comes from living up to the name of the brand that you are now operating as part of via franchising. It’s a challenge, but the rewards are clear: you get everything that you need to start your own business and make it a legitimate success.

Is buying a commercial cleaning franchise for me?

Of course, there are some things to consider as to what could go wrong when buying a franchise. You get all the support, assistance, equipment, and tools that you need to succeed from the franchiser. Therefore, if you are not able to make it work, you will be in a bit of issue. You are working as part of an established brand, so you are to represent them: do a poor job of that, and it could hurt your reputation.

There is a lot of pressure to succeed when you own a franchise. You aren’t just here to mess around or to put their badge on your shirt. You will be essentially part of their wider business empire: any mistakes you make could be tied to their own success. So, it’s only natural that you are expected to live up to that weight of expectation.

If you can handle the pressure, though, running a commercial cleaning business via franchise is a tremendous opportunity. It’s a great way to run a business without uncertainty – you just need to be ready to give it 100% once you get started!


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