Pinnacle Rock

At 600 feet (180m) south-west of Hartford, Connecticut, is Pinnacle Rock, a popular outdoor recreational traprock mountain peak that offers visitors beautiful, scenic views.

This area is also known for its rare plant communities and unique microclimate ecosystems.

Often confused with “The Pinnacle,” which are two other peaks also found in Connecticut, Pinnacle Rock sits on a 1-mile long mountain ridge, rising steeply at 400 feet above the upper Quinnipiac River valley.

The extensive views over the valleys and suburban Farmington here are stunning, and it’s a great place for fellow tourists and locals to experience a touch of scenic nature.

Pinnacle Rock connects to the Metacomet Trail, which is open to bird-watching, hiking, picnicking, and other outdoor recreation activities. The rock itself is composed of basalt (a volcanic rock), forming near the end of the Triassic Period (around 200 million years ago).

Dogs can also use the trail found here to access Pinnacle Rock but must be kept leashed at all times. Frequent visitors often describe the trek as steep, rocky, and many great uphill and downhill challenges to overcome.

Both children and adults can experience Pinnacle Rock, the surrounding lush wildlife, beautiful flowers, and an amazing sunset if you stick around.

It is recommended to wear a pair of good hiking boots for this hike, as it is quite steep at several parts of the track and more mountainous than you’d probably expect.

There are plenty of opportunities for families with kids to climb and explore, making it a great family outdoor activity. During the hike, there are some flatter stopping areas for resting if you desire, as well as spots for setting up a picnic.

Another interesting fact on Pinnacle Rock is that a defensive missile base (HA-67) operated from 1956 to 1961 on the Plainville side of the rock. The base no longer exists, and there is little remaining aside from a few buildings and a parking lot that are now rubble. You could go here to try to imagine what the area looked like during this time.

If you’re looking for your next hiking challenge, a scenic view, or a fantastic location for outdoor recreation with the family (or by yourself), Pinnacle Rock is a perfect choice.