Penwood State Park, CT


Penwood State Park is located on Talcott Mountain in Bloomfield, Connecticut. This public recreation area spans approximately 787 acres and is managed by the Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection.

There is plenty of history behind Penwood State Park’s foundation, in addition to its beautiful trails and recreational activities. The park was donated to the state by industrialist, inventor, and outdoors-person Curtis H. Veeder in the year 1944.

Veeder’s wishes for the property were for it to be kept in its natural state, wanting it to be as natural as possible for any nature-lover’s enjoyment.

Overall, the park features many trails, picnic areas, as well as paved roads that can be accessed via bike. Running the entire length of the park is the Metacomet Trail, a popular and easily-accessible trail that many admire for its rugged and scenic experience.

Just a short drive from the capital city, Penwood State Park is a fine choice for families, outdoor adventurers, and nature-lovers. The many trails were indeed built from Veeder, his wife, and ardent hikers throughout the years. Their aim with these trails was to build a way to observe the surrounding wildlife, scenery, and woodlands with more intimacy.

During April, when the snow recedes, one can delight in the colorfully vibrant wildflowers the scatter throughout the soil in the park. On occasion, hikers have also glimpsed bald eagles, woodpeckers, and turkey vultures from this location.

There are also bathroom, picnic shelter, and picnic table facilities here to add more convenience to your experience. Best of all, there is no admission fee! It’s a free outdoor experience for all to enjoy, and it’s never too crowded. From the moment you leave the parking lot to enter the park, you will feel immersed within the wilderness immediately.

To preserve its natural beauty, as donor Curtis H. Veeder so solemnly requested, horses, camping, and ground-fires are banned from the many activities you can do here in Penwood State Park.

Whether you love a good hike, setting up a family picnic for a beautiful, sunny day, or you simply want a breath of fresh air, Penwood State Park lets you do it all! With paved trails for a more relaxed walk, challenging trails for the determined explorer, and plenty of gorgeous views to feel captivated by.