Manasota Press Release

Brian Panico - Manasota Area Developer

Download: PDF | DOC For Immediate Release: Headline: Jantize America expands into Sarasota and Manatee FL counties. Greater Sarasota and Bradenton FL, Welcome, Jantize “Manasota” Summary:  Local Businessmen Brian Panico purchased the Bradenton & Sarasota, FL area development franchise rights from Jantize America, an emerging Charlotte NC Franchisor   Bradenton and Sarasota FL: Jantize® America, the franchisor of commercial cleaning services, … Read More

How to Keep Your Office Germ-Free

germs bacteria

Whether you are part of a private company, a state institution or a factory, sickness in the workplace is a real concern for the people working there. Crowded offices are breeding grounds for bacteria, and it only takes for one employee to develop a dirt-related, contagious illness for the others to soon feel under the weather. It is crucial that … Read More

5 Benefits of Green Cleaning

green cleaning

Going green is the new trend in cleaning indoor environments whether we are talking about office spaces or residential areas. More and more companies are looking into using the safest sanitizing solutions for the environment when tidying up their workspaces. There are several reasons why they choose to work only with commercial cleaning services that use these products. Here are … Read More

How to Choose the Best Commercial Cleaning Company

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The success of your business depends on the productivity of your employees, which in turn is determined by their happiness in working for you. A good percentage of their satisfaction results from the sanitary conditions in the office, which need to be impeccable to guarantee the healthiest workspace environment. You can easily hire professional janitorial services for the job, but … Read More

A look at the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs

Colorado Springs abounds in tourist attractions that range from unique rock canyons to world-class zoological parks. However, one location seems to attract hundreds of visitors on a daily basis even if it does not make the front page of tour guides and magazines. The Olympic Training Center (OTC) is a major point of attraction, and the free tour is not … Read More

Interesting Facts about the United States Air Force Academy

Colorado is home to one of the most important military academies in the world: the United States Air Force Academy. This institution located just north of Colorado Springs instructs over 1,000 U.S. Air Force troops every year and offers an ultimate standard of higher education. Here are a few interesting facts about USAFA that you should know: The youngest service … Read More

10 Reasons to visit the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo

If you are visiting Colorado Springs and looking to have some good quality family fun, you need to head to the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo. This zoological park located southwest of town on Cheyenne Mountain is the perfect setting for a relaxing and educational trip that people of all ages can enjoy. Here are 10 reasons why you should visit this … Read More

The Interesting History of Black Forest, Colorado

If you venture outside Colorado Springs you will find several small communities that impress through their peaceful and serene way of living. One of these communities is Black Forrest, a tiny town in the heart of the immense Colorado state that numbers little over 13,000 residents. While it is not the biggest touristic attraction in the area, you might find … Read More

Enjoy a Breathtaking View from the Top of Pikes Peak

You cannot end your visit to Colorado Springs without a trip to the summit of Pikes Peak. The highest mountain of the southern Front Range of the Rocky Mountains stands tall and proud at no less than 14,115-feet and it offers a spectacular view of the surroundings. Its location in Pike National Forest just 12 miles west of the town … Read More

What to do and see in the Red Rock Canyon in Colorado Springs

The Red Rock Canyon Open Space is a city park in Colorado Springs, Colorado that covers an area of 1,474 acres and is a famous location for hikers and trekkers. The natural setting offers spectacular scenery that often has joggers stop from their running routine to take selfies or capture breathtaking photographs. If you are new in town, you should … Read More