New Disinfectant Fogging Systems


As the concerns over the coronavirus continues to grow and we all struggle to find ways to cope with the threat of the virus.  I wanted to let you know that Jantize America was able to acquire several disinfectant fogging systems. These systems allow us to spray a fine fog of disinfectant that can settle on more surface area. The fogging system can cover 10 times more surface area than traditional cleaning/ disinfecting spray and wipe methods. This process does not replace any current cleaning process but can be done as an additional disinfecting method. This method of disinfecting is becoming more of a standard in surgical room cleaning and has become very popular in sanitizing food processing manufacturing facilities.

The disinfectant that we have will kill the COVID-19 virus, the disinfectant must be allowed to rest on surfaces for 10 minutes. Therefore, the process of using the fogging system is to fog an area after normal cleaning. Then allow the solution to dry on its own, with no wiping.  Areas that are fogged need to be vacated of humans for 20 to 30 minutes after fogging to allow the fog to settle and dry.


  • Make contact with 10x’s more surface areas vs. traditional spray and wipe methods
  • This will cover walls, floors and surfaces not easily cleaned by normal spray and wipe methods
  • Will kill airborne viruses that may be present at the time of fogging


  • May leave a lite residue on surfaces
  • You will be able to smell the disinfectant
  • It does add a lot of moister to the air so exposed paper products may will be affected after repeated fogging

Other things you can do:

Institute a “Clear Desk Policy”, give your cleaning staff as much surface area as possible to clean and disinfect during normal cleaning

Wash your hands, do not shake hands, you can see a list of other items on the CDC website.


Contact today to get a quote if you are interested in having your facility fogged.

Thank you


Questions and Answers

How often should I get fogging done?

Fogging is an additional disinfecting step at the end of your normal cleaning process.  Fogging covers 10x’s plus that amount of surface area in attempt to kill all bacteria, viruses on surfaces and in the air as well. This will give as close to a sterile environment as we can get. This sterile environment only last until the first person walks in to the area. The answer to the question really depends on how often you feel your work environment needs to be sanitized to this level.

Who should I call if there is a concern of exposure or a positive case of COVID-19 in our facility this fogging completed?

Jantize Upstate contact us at 864-631-1888 to reach our office, you can also reach out to Eddie at 864-382-0009 or Guy at 864-382-0353.

What is the amount of time that the disinfectant should stay on a surface to kill the COVID-19?

CDC is recommending all Chemical mixtures that have the active ingredients that kills that COVID-19 remain on surfaces for at least a minimum of 10 minutes.

Why is fogging better than the current spray and wipe method that we all currently use to clean?
  1. Fogging gets the Disinfectant on to 10x’s the amount of surface areas that may not be currently disinfected with the spray and wipe method
  2. The fogging mist should be allowed to dry on it own, so it can remain on the surface wet for 10 minute or longer, to kill the COVID-19
Will the fogging damage key boards, computer screens, copiers and phones?

There is always a possibility but if fogging is done correctly; the electronics will be OFF in preparation of fogging and there is no worry or concern of faulty electrical, then no, the possibility damage should be eliminated. Most companies will want these pieces of equipment done due to these items being what we predominantly touch continually throughout our day.

How soon after fogging can we use the work spaces?

If you must go back in to an area after fogging you need to wait 30 minutes to allow the fog to settle and dry.

Can fogging be done on industrial equipment like forklifts and boom trucks?

Yes, it can be. It can also be used on work stations and pretty much and surface are that employees would touch during normal work day.

Is there an odor?

It will depend on how quickly you move back into the area that has been fogged as to how strong the odor will be. Yes, each chemical compound has a slight odor, the odor will be minimal.