Must-see points of interest in Spartanburg, SC

Also known as the “Hub City,” Spartanburg is one of the most interesting little towns in South Carolina. Boasting a rich history and a present-day booming economy based on small businesses, this tiny Southern town is looking forward to a bright future.

If you find yourself passing through Spartanburg, SC, you will not want to miss these must-see points of interest:

General Daniel Morgan’s north-facing statue

The people of Spartanburg take great pride in their military history. After all, the city’s very name comes from a fierce local militia from the Revolutionary War called the Spartan Regiment. One of the local heroes in the same war was General Daniel Morgan, whose statue boastfully stands in Morgan Square, facing North since its erection in 1881.

The interesting fact about Gen. Morgan’s statue is its short-lived dislocation in 1960 when the authorities moved it across the square and inadvertently made if face southwards. The locals were quick to protest and claim that the good ol’ general would never have to worry about enemies coming from the South. It didn’t take long before the mayor had the statue moved to its initial place in full accordance with the Southern creed and traditional values.

The historic Downtown Memorial Airport

The first airport in South Carolina and one of the first ones in the United States is today’s Spartanburg Downtown Memorial Airport, which opened in 1927. Although today serves mostly private and corporate flights, this airport has a long and rich history that still attracts many visitors.

The Spartanburg Downtown Memorial Airport proudly hosted air flight pioneers like Amelia Earhart and Charles Lindbergh. The latter participated at the grand opening just days after completing his historic flight over the Atlantic.

Nowadays, the Downtown Memorial Airport has massive plans for expansion and adding to its popularity as the 3rdbusiest airport in South Carolina.

The Walnut Grove Plantation

The estate of the Walnut Grove Plantation is a historic landmark of Spartanburg and the site where the Moore family housed and supported the patriots during the American Revolutionary War.

As history puts it, the family of Charles & Mary Moore sided with the colonies that were fighting for independence in the second half of the 18th century. Their eldest daughter Margaret Catherine Moore Barry even joined the troops and served as a scout for General Daniel Morgan during the Battle of Cowpens.

The Walnut Grove Plantation is perfectly preserved today and remains open for visitors. Here you can discover impressive stories about the historic figures that fought for the right to decide their own fate almost 250 years ago.

The Hampton Heights Historic District

If you are a fan of old architecture, then you will enjoy visiting the Hampton Heights Historic District. This neighborhood is located just a few blocks south of Morgan Square and it features buildings from the late 1800s when the city was still in its early developing stages, and from the early 20th century. Many of the constructions here resemble Victorian architecture and the neoclassical design of the 1920s.