Minute Maid Park Events That You Must Attend When in Houston

There are countless reasons to visit Houston, but if there was a definitive list of them, the Minute Maid Park would surely be in the first top 10 attractions.

If you are in Houston even just for a few days, you need to make a stop at the city’s first retractable-roofed stadium. The venue hosts several sporting events, music concerts, TV shows and even public ceremonies for the town’s universities.

Here are some of the events that you should book at the Minute Maid Par when you are in Houston:

A Game of the Houston Astros

If you are a fan of baseball, you must not miss a game of the Houston Astros at the Minute Maid Park. The atmosphere on a matchday is exhilarating with thousands of cheering supporters filling the ballpark’s 41,168 attendance capacity to the brim.

The current arena is built as a replacement of the Astrodome, which was the first multi-sports, domed stadium ever built, and which hosted its first game in 1965. Astros’ home opened in 2000 and it takes its name of Minute Maid from a brand of beverages.

Baseball fans also refer to the ballpark as the “Home Run Field” due to its extended left-field dimensions that show home-run hits in spectacular fashion. So, if you are in Houston during a matchday, book a ticket, grab a beer and a taco, sit back and savor one of America’s biggest sporting traditions.

Other Sports Events

Baseball is not the only sport that fans enjoy watching at Minute Maid Park. In almost 20 years since its inauguration, the arena hosted soccer matches, boxing matches, and games from the Houston College Classic college baseball tournament.

A Thrilling Music Concert

Since its opening, the Minute Maid Park has hosted grandiose concerts of world-known music stars such as Madonna, Tim McGraw, and Taylor Swift. The former Beatle, Paul McCartney played the Houston arena in 2012 in front of 38,036 people.

In 2014, Beyoncé and Jay-Z performed together in front of a record attendance of 40,103 music fans. The famous couple helped the organizers amass more than $5 million in revenue proving once again that a multi-purpose arena can diversify the events that it hosts and boost the local economy at the same time.

Charitable Events

Besides sports events and music concerts, the Minute Maid Park also hosts charitable events. One such event took place in 2008 when TV celebrity Rachael Ray organized a mass wedding for 40 couples.

In that year, Hurricane Ike swept through great parts of Northern America destroying entire communities. The company that was responsible for organizing the weddings of those 40 couples went bankrupt in the aftermath of the storm.

Rachael Ray took the opportunity to host the weddings on the Minute Maid Park, broadcast them on its show and create a memorable event for the entire community at the same time.

If you plan on visiting Houston any time soon, you should check the events calendar of the Minute Maid Park and book the show that best suits your tastes and your schedule.