Interesting facts about Seneca, SC, and things to do there

Seneca is one of the smallest cities in South Carolina. It has a population that barely exceeds 8,000 people that live on a total area of 7.1 square miles. You might think that this is merely a town to pass through as you travel through the Palmetto State, but if you choose to make a small stop here you will not regret it.

Seneca has a lively community and a rich history that stretches back to the middle of the 19th century. It is home to a famous historic district and hosts several venues that offer recreation and entertainment. Here are some interesting facts about this tiny city and things that you can do while you are there:

“The City of Opportunity”

Seneca was founded in 1874 and got its name from a Cherokee settlement nearby that was known by that name to the English colonialists. It was initially dubbed “The City of Opportunity,” although over time it has also developed a state-spread notoriety as “The City of Smiles.”

Regardless of your reasons for visiting Seneca, you will surely have plenty of opportunities to smile and have fun. The local community is raised in the old tradition of the cotton and textile industry, and people here have a strong devotion to the American culture.

Nowadays, Seneca is home to many retirees who have found the peace and quiet that they deserve in the beautiful natural setting where the city is nestled. They enjoy hiking in the nearby mountains and fishing trips to Lake Hartwell, Lake Keowee, and Lake Jocassee.

The Ram Cat Alley Historic District

When visiting Seneca, SC, you should not miss a visit to the Ram Cat Alley Historic District. This area includes 18 buildings that were raised here between 1887 and 1930, and which boast an impressive architectural design. The neighborhood got its name from the many cats that used to gather around the meat market located here.

In the Ram Cat Alley Historic District of Seneca, you can enjoy delicious meals from the local cuisine at one of the many restaurants owned by resident families. You can also have a stroll through the small, narrow streets, admire the rejuvenated facades of century-old buildings and even pick up a souvenir to take back home.

The Lunney House Museum

If you want to find out more about the rich history of Seneca, you must make a stop to the Lunney House Museum. This small venue hosts a carriage house and a two-person outhouse that display artisanal carpentry, handmade decorations, and stained-glass windows. It is a public museum with free admission that showcases the artistic talent of the local community.

The Duke Energy’s EnergyExplorium

If you are traveling with your family, and you want to engage your kids in a fun learning activity, you need to stop at Duke Energy’s EnergyExplorium in Seneca, SC. This small facility is part of the Oconee Nuclear Station on Lake Keowee, and it is an educational center where you can find out more about the importance of nuclear energy and electricity.