How to Prepare Your Office for Moving Back In


When things eventually settle down with the COVID-19 virus epidemic, are you prepared with how you should move back into the office?

There are a few procedures you should consider implementing for your office in preparation for moving back in.

These are in line with standard COVID-19 procedures, but they’re also for the presentation and management of your office.

Clean The Office

Upon returning to the office, you might notice (depending on the time spent away) a lot of dust built up on the surfaces.

Not only can these dust particles carry bacteria/germs, but they also don’t look very appealing in an office environment.

The first thing you’ll need to do is clean everything, and the best, most hassle-free way to get that frustrating job done is by hiring a commercial cleaning service.

A service like Jantize can be significantly helpful in a situation like this. Your office can go from looking empty, aged, and unsightly to sparkling clean, bright, and welcoming with a service like ours.

That’s precisely what a good professional cleaning service strives to accomplish, as well as the proper disinfecting and sanitization of surfaces.

After you clean the office, it will feel like a healthy working environment once again.

Don’t Neglect The Necessary Precautions

You’ll want to take a look at our COVID-19 precautions article for further reference on this tip.Essentially, once you’re allowed to move back into the office, you shouldn’t forget about the necessary precautions to take.

A rapidly-spread virus such as COVID-19 can easily return if measures are not taken carefully. Consider precautions such as:

  • Leaving up posters of hand-washing & sanitization
  • Encouraging the use of card payments
  • Wearing a mask
  • Staying home if feeling unwell
  • Cleaning hands frequently
  • Keeping your distance
  • Sanitizing items that are consistently used (e.g., computer keyboards, pens, etc.)

Doing so will make sure the COVID-19 virus doesn’t easily return as another outbreak.

Take It Slow

Re-adjusting to office life might take a week or more. Don’t rush into anything too quickly – take things slow, one day at a time, until you start to get back into the gist of
work again.

This is also in relation to the previous point of not forgetting to take COVID-19 precautions. If you rush back into work, you might forget the reason why you had to
leave in the first place!

While you’re working, you should be mindful of these facts to avoid another potential outbreak.

Hold A Meeting

Another way to prepare the office for moving back in following the Coronavirus situation is to hold a work meeting with your employees.

During this meeting, go over tasks that need to be done to effectively start up your business again and remind your employees about the COVID-19 precautions to follow.

While it is a very happy time moving back into the office, it’s also going to be a slow and painful one getting back into the work rhythm and complying with safe COVID-19

We hope these tips can help make it a smoother experience for you!