How Jantize America Can Kick-Start Your Entrepreneur Career

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In early July of 2019, Paul Dorsey the Master Franchisor of Jantize America was the guest of the business broker and radio host Joe Vagnone on Local Biz on 105.9 WSIC Radio.

Mr. Dorsey offered a succinct overview of how developing a Jantize franchise can help entrepreneurs grow their business.

A step-by-step program for success

Jantize America is quickly developing into a national brand after establishing a solid presence all along the East Coast as well as Tennessee, Texas and Colorado.

Its founder and current master franchisor, Paul Dorsey spoke about this business as a guarantee for success as long as the ones who buy it follow the step-by-step program that comes with it.

As Mr. Dorsey puts it, success is all about believing in people and doing something that improves their lives and the community that they live in. He strongly backs his desire to help his franchisees to make money while helping others as well with an upfront question for potential buyers: “Are you in it for the commission or are you in it for the mission?”

A unique franchise concept

Jantize America differentiates from the traditional concept of what a franchise is. This business establishes a hierarchy line for franchisees depending on their coverage area and volume of work.

This line starts from a small unit franchisee, which could be run by an ambitious self-starter with a budget of just $5,000 and cleaning commercial buildings in their neighborhood.

Next, there’s a multi-unit franchisee, sometimes known as a master franchisor or area developer, which is an executive-level person managing several small unit franchisees, investing and supporting local units in a large city or region.

The Jantize America franchise comes with all the necessary training and resources to grow quickly and develop into a successful business. The company also provides business opportunities for people to own their own business through its unique and independently owned franchise system.

If you want to become part of the Jantize America development plan as a franchisee, you’ve come to the right place!


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