Hartford, CT

Home to the Mark Twain House & Museum and one of America’s oldest, most historic cities is Hartford – the capital city of Connecticut.

Hartford is a delightful place to live and explore, standing at about 125,000 residents who help partake in hundreds of yearly events and can often be found at Hartford’s many different restaurants, bars, clubs, museums, theaters, and other diverse attractions.

This city is a fantastic location for people to live with its wide range of housing options that vary from historic Victorian homes to converted factory loft apartments that cater to all preferences for living. There are luxury downtown apartments up for grabs, too!

There are diverse opportunities for employment, and with so many sights and experiences to enjoy, it’s hard not to fall in love with this city.

Hartford is also home to the largest stone arch bridge in the world (the Bulkeley Bridge), the second oldest secondary school still in operation in the United States (Hartford Public High School), and the “Hartford Courant,” which is the oldest continually published newspaper in America (the first issue released in 1764!).

If those didn’t spark your curiosity, Hartford also has America’s oldest public park, a sculpture park dedicated to Lincoln, and it’s where Katharine Hepburn’s remains were laid to rest.

The Mark Twain House is sure to get you excited, and you could even set up an architectural scavenger hunt here for a bit of fun!

If you’re more of a country bumpkin, why not visit Hartford’s scenic nearby countryside for a change of view? Plan a day trip here to gaze at the beautiful bridges, open-air barns, and photogenic villages for some great memories.

The weather here is typically mild year-round, although they can soar into the 80’s during summer and drop slightly above freezing in winter. Visit during winter if you would prefer a more relaxed, uncrowded trip – but beware of potential snow!

There’s plenty to do and see in Hartford. Whether you plan on living there or visiting on vacation, you can’t go wrong with this city filled with historic experiences.

After your visit, you can officially say you have been to the capital of Connecticut!