Greensboro Science Center

7 Reasons to Visit the Greensboro Science Center

Lovers of nature and science cannot miss a trip to the Greensboro Science Center – one of the top attractions in Greensboro and the state of North Carolina. The venue hosts a science museum and a zoological park since its inauguration in 1957, and from 2015 it welcomes its visitor with an entertaining treetop adventure park.

Having fun and learning are just a few of the reasons to visit the Greensboro Science Center. Here are other exciting attractions that await you there:

Enjoy a Trip to the Age of Dinosaurs

One of the latest exhibits that the Greensboro Science Center proposes is Destination: Dinosaur! This 2018 gallery showcases an impressive collection of prehistoric full-bodied replicas of the majestic dinosaurs that roamed the Earth millions of years ago. The exhibit also includes a learning center where visitors can find out more fascinating facts about these primeval creatures.

Take a Selfie with the Penguins

The Penguin Encounters program offers visitors the chance to get up close and personal with penguins. You can even opt for a 45-minute session in which expert caretakers give you an in-depth presentation of these unique seabirds, as you get close enough to touch them.

Meet the Zoo Residents

If you love animals, you cannot miss a stroll through the zoological park in the Greensboro Science Center. Here, you can roam alone or in the company of zookeepers as you get to visit rare species of lemurs, anteaters, monkeys, tortoises, and a majestic adult tiger, which is the highlight of the wildlife park.

Visit the Aquarium

The Greensboro Science Center also displays a large aquarium where you can find out more about marine wildlife. The Aquarium Adventure is ideal for both adults and children, and it provides extensive information on numerous species of the fish and sea creatures that live there.

Catch the Thrill of the Shark Reef

If the Aquarium Adventure does not excite you that much, you should spice things up with a tour of the Shark Reef. The Greensboro Science Center offers the unique chance of seeing sharks, stingrays and large herbivorous fish in a 90,000-gallon tank that mimics the sea life of these dangerous creatures. Staying around to see the sharks swim will also provide you with the opportunity to see the 14-meter anaconda that lives in the same enclosure.

Climb to the Top of the World

The Skywild facility within the Greensboro Science Center will not take you quite to the top of the world, but it will get you close. This adventure park pushes you to climb as high as 45-meters above the zoological park while zip-lining from tree to tree and walking on suspended bridges. The whole attraction makes for a fun weekend activity that you can share with the family and friends.

Come Back Again and Again

The Greensboro Science Center is one of those places that you never get tired of visiting. There are plenty of reasons to go there again as future investments forecast the addition of hippos and red pandas to the zoological park and a significant update of the museum facilities.