Fun Things to do in G.T. Bray Park

People who live in Bradenton, Florida have multiple alternatives for spending their free time in open-air, natural settings. One of their favorite locations is the G.T. Bray Park that is located just 10 miles from Anna Maria. This recreation facility is one of the biggest center hubs for entertainment and sports in Manatee County. If you find yourself traveling through this area, you must give it a try. Here are some of the fun things to do there:

Practice sports

The G.T. Bray Park is a great place for you to show your competitive spirit and engage in one of the many sports that you can play there. The park has multiple fields for soccer, baseball, and softball. You can bring your friends and enjoy sparring matches or even organize small tournaments and compete against each other for a trophy of your choice.

You can even challenge other park visitors to a game of basketball, racquetball or tennis on one of the many fields specifically built for these disciplines. Less competitive activities include horseshoe pitching and skating where you and your family can enjoy a fun and relaxing afternoon.

Swim in an Olympic-sized pool

The biggest Olympic-size pool in Bradenton, FL is in the G.T. Bray Park, and it is part of the aquatic center present here. If you feel like swimming the same lengths that Olympians usually cover in training or in official competitions, you can safely do it here as long as you bring your equipment.

The aquatic center in the G.T Bray Park also hosts a 12-foot three-flume water slide and dive wells where you can have fun with your friends. For the youngest members of your family, the recreation center offers kiddie pools and splash grounds where the little ones can spend their entire day soaking and sloshing away.

Attend an exercise class

If you are not a big fan of outdoor sporting activities, you can easily practice other disciplines in the indoor facilities of the recreation center. Here, you can test your strength on one of the many fitness equipment machines, treadmills, bicycles, and ellipticals.

The G.T. Bray Park also offers exercise classes that you can attend alone or with your gym buddy. This facility will help you get in shape, lose the extra pounds and maintain your mobility. Even seniors can apply for these classes to reduce joint pain and improve their flexibility.

Walk your dog

The G.T. Bray Park disposes of a dog park where you can take your puppy or your old canine pet for an exciting day. The Happy Trails Canine Park is a well-known gathering place for local pet owners who meet here daily to socialize and allow their furry friends a few hours of fun and games.

Rent a Pavilion

The G.T. Bray Park in Bradenton, FL offers several rental pavilions that you can lease to organize meetings or events for your friends, family or coworkers. For major events, you can even rent the on-site amphitheater that can host as many as 100 people.