Fun Things to do at the Connecticut Science Center

Connecticut Science Center

A visit to the Connecticut Science Center in Hartford, CT is one that the whole family can enjoy and where your kids can create long-lasting, precious memories.

The nine-story building is located in downtown Hartford and occupies an area of 154,000 feet. It was inaugurated in 2009, and offers a broad range of fun activities, learning opportunities and educational games for children and adults alike.

If you are in Hartford with your family, you must not miss spending a full day at the Connecticut Science Center. Here are some of the fun things that you can do there!

Take a stroll on the Science Alley

One of the public’s favorite, the Science Alley is an immersive experience into the world of science. Through games, exhibits, galleries and visual projections, the visitors can investigate and discover the forces and elements that form the base of our planet’s most remarkable wonders.

Visit the KidSpace exhibit

This exhibit is for children under 7 only, and it is the perfect place for them to discover the first lessons about simple science. Here, they can play with colorful balls, tubes, and building blocks to find out easy answers to their most arduous questions about why things are the way that they are.

A tornado-shaped water vortex is a special place where they might get wet, so a change of clothes is a good thing to pack in your travel bag.

Have a fun Butterfly Encounter

The Connecticut Science Center in Hartford is one of the few such venues that have an entire exhibit dedicated to living butterflies. Visitors can see and interact with lively-colored insects and flowers in a majestic tropical greenhouse that mimics the natural habitat of these fascinating creatures.

Discover the Engineering Lab

For more practical-oriented minds, the Engineering Lab is the perfect place to spend a full day of having fun and learning at the same time. This exhibit features impressive presentations of technological breakthroughs that took place throughout history. Also, it engages the little ones in problem-solving activities that can spur their taste for science and engineering.

Design and test with Forces in Motion

Another fun exhibit at the Connecticut Science Center in Hartford is the Forces in Motion gallery. Here, children can test motion-related mechanisms and vehicles to understand better the physical factors that make them fly longer, move faster or gain more accuracy.

Enter the Invention Dimension

The Invention Dimension area is where you will find most of the children that are passionate about Legos. Here, the little ones can work side by side to build Lego robots and then make them race against each other in a fun and exciting races.

Embark on the Exploring Space Mission

If your kid wants to find out more about the world beyond our planet, you should help him embark on the Exploring Space Mission at the Connecticut Science Center in Hartford.

Here, children can seat in a space pod and explore the Moon, take part in a Mission to Mars or see the Earth from outer space through stunning visual representations.