Everything you need to know about Palmetto, FL

If you visit the Manatee County in Florida, you are likely to pass through Palmetto. This small town located just 13 miles north of Sarasota is a landmark location of the Sarasota-Bradenton area and it has a special charm of its own.

Here are some interesting facts and figures about Palmetto, FL that will make you feel like one of the locals while you are in town:

A brief history of Palmetto, FL

Palmetto was founded on a tiny postal office that operated in the area since 1868 when Samuel Sparks Lamb acquired over 160 acres in the area and founding today’s city. The 36-year old settler at the time donated most of his land for the building of banks, commercial stores, a library, and even the town’s cemetery. He is nowadays considered the founding father of Palmetto.

In 1902 Palmetto witnessed the first train to pass through town as the city was finally connected to the national railroad network. From then on, the town started developing at a rapid pace and saw the flourishing of a solid local economy. It was around that time that the center of the city moved from the waterfront to the surroundings of the rail station.

Geography and Demographics of Palmetto, FL

Palmetto occupies little over 4.4 square miles and is the home for almost 14,000 residents. The town enjoys a vibrant lifestyle with almost a quarter of the population being 19 years old or under. More than 50% of the locals are between 20 and 44 years old, and less than 22% are 65 and older.

Palmetto is located mostly on flat land and it is well-connected with nearby cities like Bradenton, Sarasota, and Anna Maria. Visitors can also find an easy passage to Holmes Beach and the Manatee River.

Things to do in Palmetto

Although it might seem like a small town with very few attractions to provide for passing-through visitors, Palmetto has more to offer than meets the eye.

If you love water sports, you must make a stop in Palmetto and take part in fun activities like sailing, and scuba diving and swimming. Fishermen can try their hand at some exciting fishing off the Green Bridge Fishing Pier, and golf enthusiasts can look for the perfect game at one of the many golf courses in the area that dispose of state of the art facilities.

Nature lovers can take a trip outside town on the banks of the Manatee River where they can admire some of the scenic landscapes that this area has to offer. This region is also great for family outings or picnics.

Famous people from Palmetto, FL

Samuel Sparks Lamb is not the only famous face to come from Palmetto. Other notable personalities that reside or have resided in the small town include football coach Willie Taggart and Mistral Raymond who is a former NFL defensive back for the Minnesota Vikings. The former Speaker of the Florida House of Representatives Ralph Haben is an alumnus of the Palmetto High School.