Essential Facts about the National Museum of World War II Aviation in Colorado Springs

History buffs and fans of aeronautics will love a trip to the National Museum of World War II Aviation in Colorado Springs. This facility houses an impressive collection of aircraft, fighter planes and cargo that the United States used in one of the biggest wars of the 20th century. The museum ranks as one of the biggest tourist attractions in the whole state of Colorado. Here are some essential facts about it:

Mission and Development

The National Museum of World War II Aviation was born out of the initiative of the former army and aviation heroes to create an educational venue that would showcase the historical importance of US aviation in World War II.

This museum in Colorado Springs preserves and displays some of the equipment that helped the American force in the major conflagration of 1939-1945. The facility is a nonprofit organization that functions under the guidance of a board of directors and aviation consultants.

The museum has developed thanks to private donations that sum up to $12 million to date, and which have seen the expansion and inclusion of an operational campus. Even today, the board looks for further development opportunities and design improvements that would maintain the museum’s relevance and educational purpose for the visiting public.

Permanent Exhibits

The National Museum of World War II Aviation in Colorado Springs is home to a versatile assemblage of equipment from the Second World War and the military technique that marked the following decade. Visitors can feast their eyes and curiosity upon some of the war’s most famous planes and cargo vehicles. Additionally, they can inspect historic documentation and vintage photographs of that era.


Undoubtedly, some of the most attractive exhibits of the museum are the aircraft. Most of these planes have been restored to flying condition and they come from private collections or are on loan from national authorities.

Some of the most famous planes on exhibit include the Cessna L-19 Bird Dog, the Douglas AD5 Skyraider, and the Grumman F6F Hellcat. The museum has so many aircraft, that they keep the collection in a rotation mode, displaying a few airplanes at a time. If you want to see a specific model up close, you will have to check with the museum beforehand to get the list of current aircraft on display.

Displays and Vehicles

The National Museum of World War II Aviation in Colorado Springs also hosts a remarkable selection of vehicles that include ambulances, tow tractors, and crash trucks. Additionally, you can see several artifacts from the war on display, which include uniforms, medals, documents, and photographs.

Plan your visit

The best way to visit the National Museum of World War II Aviation is to pre-register online and benefit from a discount on the entrance fee. The facility is located just 15 minutes from downtown Colorado Springs, and it benefits from a free, easy-accessible parking lot. You can book a private or a group tour and enjoy in-depth presentations from the museum’s highly-experienced guides.