Embrace the cultural side of Greenville, SC at the local Peace Center

Whether you are in Greenville, SC for one night or a full month, you cannot miss a visit to the Peace Center. This impressive venue is the place where the local community comes to get their fill of culture, music, arts, and entertainment. It is the ideal location if you want to attend a Broadway musical, a public event or any form of artistic representation.

Here are some interesting facts about the Peace Center in Greenville, SC and the events you can attend there:

A brief history of the Peace Center

Until the 1980s, Greenville did not have a performing arts center that could unite the entire community and host several forms of cultural displays. It was around that time that the local authorities came together with members of the Peace family who donated $10 million to establish a multicultural venue.

The construction and development lasted until 1990, and the result is an architectural wonder that has enriched the town’s cultural life ever since. The Peace Center, named after the main donors, occupies a large area in Greenville, SC where the ruins of textile factories used to be until the end of the 20th century.

The entire project cost reached $42 million by the time the performing arts center opened its doors in November of 1990. Twenty years later, in 2010 the Peace Center underwent a renovation process that included the expansion of the concert hall lobby, an overhaul of the administrative offices and the addition of a new restaurant. The entire cost of these additional constructions was of $23 million.

The Peace Center in Greenville, SC Today

Nowadays, the Peace Center hosts a large concert hall, an amphitheater, and a theater. It has modern facilities and visitor amenities that include lofts, restaurants, and plazas. More than 600 events take place here annually, and over 360,000 people attend them generating over $25 million in revenue.

The Peace Center in Greenville, SC hosts events from a broad range of cultural activities and performing arts. From symphonic recitals to modern music concerts, and from stand-up comedy shows to ballet representations, you can surely find an event that suits your interest. This venue is also a gathering place for poets, educators, and local artists.

Impact on the Greenville community

Since its grand opening in 1990, the Peace Center has helped the Greenville community immensely. First off, it has enriched the cultural tendencies and brought more people with shared interests together. The venue connects students with artists and influencers from different generations. It also unites parents and teachers in constructive dialogue to improve the education system in the city.

Every year, the Peace Center organizes national programs that focus on history, arts, literature, and science and helps young people develop and improve their skills in these domains. The concert hall and theater also host conferences and public discussions where people can listen and interact with politicians, financiers and other professionals that have an impact on their daily living.