Dare to Escape Bradenton in the Man vs. Room Challenge

If you are looking for a fun activity to share with your friends, you cannot do better than the Escape Bradenton facility. Unless you suffer from chronic anxiety or claustrophobia, this venue in Bradenton, FL is the perfect setting where you can put your intuition and wits at work. The Man vs. Room Challenge is all you need to get a swift adrenaline rush and satisfy your hunger for solving puzzles.

Here is everything you need to know about Escape Bradenton!

What is an escape room?

An escape room is a life-size puzzle that resembles a scene from a video game. Most scenarios revolve around you and your friends being stuck in an enclosed room from where you need to escape before the time runs out. You are not immobilized in any way, but you have to dig through the items in the room, find clues and solve mindboggling challenges to get the door to open.

Some escape rooms follow horror scripts, while others put you in the shoes of private investigators. It is your choice to pick a script that best suits your taste for adventure. The rooms offer a live-action adventure in a theme-decorated environment that comes fully equipped with puzzles and gadgets. Some of these enclosures may also feature actors that play helpful or decoy characters in the story.

The challenges of Escape Bradenton

Escape Bradenton is one of the biggest attractions in Bradenton, Florida. People of all ages come here to play fun, live-action puzzles and test their ingenuity with fun and exciting mind games. Some of the escape rooms that you will find on location include:

The Conspiracy Room

In this live entertainment scenario, you and your friends are faced with the paper trails left behind by a mad genius who has discovered awe-inspiring secrets about Freemasons and their organization. You have to connect the dots, uncover well-kept secrets and escape the room before it’s too late.

The Mutiny Room

In this scenario, you are part of the commanding crew of a pirate ship that has been overthrown by betraying mutineers led by Calico Jack – one of your former trusted henchmen. Your mission is to regain control and steer the ship clear of trouble before everything descends into chaos.

The Casa Segura Room

In this highly-elaborate scenario, you are part of a DEA team that infiltrates a drug cartel and raids the safe house of a famous drug lord. Your goal is to escape the room before the time runs out and the drug dealers blow your cover.

The Blitzkrieg Room

According to the script, in this entertaining fictionalized version of World War II events, you have to escape from a treacherous bunker. As a member of the Allied army, your goal is to survive while unmasking the enemy at the same time.

The Inheritance Room

In this fun scenario, you and your friends must solve the puzzles left behind by an Oxford professor of archaeology back in 1935 and discover the incredible results of his research.

All the escape rooms at Escape Bradenton are perfect for events with co-workers, team building challenges and get-togethers with your friends. The puzzles are available for groups of 2 to 8 people and last on an average of 60 minutes.