COVID-19 Precautions in the Workplace


With the quick spread of COVID-19 (also known as “Coronavirus”) startling many business owners and employees, it’s now essential to take necessary precautions in the workplace – particularly for work requiring close contact with other people.

There are many different precautions you can take in the workplace for the current COVID-19 crisis, which will be outlined in this post. Keep in mind while reading to take your job type into consideration when determining the best precautions to take.

Disinfecting EVERYTHING

This is the first and foremost precaution you should be taking in the workplace. The COVID-19 virus spreads via contact with its droplets, which are usually dispersed via saliva from sneezing and coughing or through nasal discharge.

These droplets tend to land somewhere that is easily transmitted to another person. For example, a person sneezes onto their hand and places this hand on a table. The table is left unclean, you unknowingly touch the table and take your hands to your face. The virus is then given to you via your eyes, nose, or mouth.

This is where disinfecting everything on a regular basis becomes paramount to the health and safety of everyone, while also helping to reduce the spread of the virus.
Wipe and disinfect everything, including:

  • EFT/POS machines
  • Tables & benches
  • Doors and/or handles
  • Computers/keyboards/mouse
  • Items used in the workplace (staplers, pens, printers, etc.)

If you already have your hands full with other matters, why not consider hiring a commercial cleaning service, like Jantize? We take care of all of the dirty work for you.

Wash Your Hands Regularly

It’s best to wash your hands as often as possible during an outbreak like this. However, this doesn’t mean a “quick 5-second rinse.”

Use soap, lather it on your hands, and scrub properly with for at least 20 seconds. This will effectively kill any germs residing on your hands, and try to work past your hands to your wrists and up your forearms, too.

If no soap/water is available, try to keep some hand sanitizer around or use an alcohol-based rub to clean your hands frequently.

Most importantly, wash your hands before eating, after eating, and after using the bathroom. You should also avoid touching your face as much as possible.

If your business deals with payments from customers, try to limit cash payments and encourage tap-and-go pay instead, in which case the customer won’t have to make
contact with you.

Wear A Mask

For businesses that regularly come into close contact with people, it’s best to wear a mask to avoid getting sick.

Furthermore, if you find you are the one who is feeling sick, regardless of what it is, wear a mask, so you don’t risk spreading it to others.

Keep Your Distance

Be mindful of the distance you’re keeping from other employees, clients, and customers. There should be at least a 1.5-2-meter gap, and preferably more when possible.

Doing so will help prevent you from contracting something from someone else, and it will also keep them safe.

Don’t Go To Work If You’re Feeling Unwell

It isn’t worth making yourself feel worse or risking infecting others if you go to work feeling unwell. If you are showing signs of getting the flu, common cold, or something
else easily contagious, don’t go to work.

Additionally, be sure to cover your cough or sneeze appropriately (into your elbow, or wash your hands directly after) and to dispose of any dirty tissues immediately, followed by washing your hands.

When you take these necessary COVID-19 precautions in the workplace, you’re not only helping yourself, but you’re also helping others keep safe and containing the spread of this virus.