Interesting facts about Seneca, SC, and things to do there

Seneca is one of the smallest cities in South Carolina. It has a population that barely exceeds 8,000 people that live on a total area of 7.1 square miles. You might think that this is merely a town to pass through as you travel through the Palmetto State, but if you choose to make a small stop here you will … Read More

Fun Things to do in Asheville, NC

You might have heard of Asheville, NC as the spot where many scenes of famous movies like The Hunger Games were filmed, or where the lives of fictional characters from renowned novels take place. But the 12th most populous city in North Carolina has much more to offer than recognizable spots from fiction. Asheville is a beautiful city surrounded by … Read More

What to do and see in Anderson, SC

Anderson, SC is a small university town nicknamed “The Friendliest City in South Carolina.” Boasting a rich culture and a high standard of living, this small hub is home to impressive historic landmarks, attractive tourist sites, and must-visit restaurants. If you are traveling around South Carolina, you can enjoy a restful, cultural visit in Anderson, where you can engage in … Read More

Must-see points of interest in Spartanburg, SC

Also known as the “Hub City,” Spartanburg is one of the most interesting little towns in South Carolina. Boasting a rich history and a present-day booming economy based on small businesses, this tiny Southern town is looking forward to a bright future. If you find yourself passing through Spartanburg, SC, you will not want to miss these must-see points of … Read More

Enjoy a Classic, Refined Whiskey at the Dark Corner Distillery in Greenville, SC

If you are a lover of fine spirit drinks, and you find yourself traveling through Greenville, South Carolina, you must, by all means, stop at the Dark Corner Distillery. The second oldest distillery in the entire state of South Carolina opened its doors in 2011 and has awed drinkers ever since with a wide selection of refined spirits prepared after … Read More

Catch a Home Run on the Fluor Field at the West End

If you are a fan of baseball visiting Greenville, SC, you must watch a glorious game at the new Fluor Field at the West End Stadium. This arena is home to the Greenville Drive, which is an A affiliate of the Boston Red Sox. This could be your chance of catching a home run in one of the newest and … Read More

Embrace the cultural side of Greenville, SC at the local Peace Center

Whether you are in Greenville, SC for one night or a full month, you cannot miss a visit to the Peace Center. This impressive venue is the place where the local community comes to get their fill of culture, music, arts, and entertainment. It is the ideal location if you want to attend a Broadway musical, a public event or … Read More

The Children’s Museum of the Upstate in South Carolina

Children are the future of our society. The more we invest in their education and upbringing the bigger the chance for a stable and proficient community will be. In this regard, few institutions have an impressive impact on kids that the Children’s Museum has. Two of the latest facilities of this kind to open its doors to the public are … Read More

Why Nature Lovers cannot get enough of the Falls Park on the Reedy

When visiting Greenville, SC you must make a stop to the place that the locals consider to be the birthplace of their town. The Falls Park on the Reedy is a gorgeous patch of nature located at the heart of the historic West End district. It features waterfalls, bridges, wildlife and a wide range of recreation opportunities. Here are some … Read More

Facts You Should Know about Greenville, SC

If you are traveling through South Carolina, and you are at a loss about where your next stop should be, you cannot go wrong with Greenville. Rated by CNN Money as one of “The 10 Fastest Growing Cities in the US,” this small town is an oasis of rich history and a major cultural center in full development. Here are … Read More