Virus Disinfecting


With the COVID­19 going around, it’s important to understand what exactly a virus is and how you can appropriately disinfect surfaces to prevent transmission of a virus. If you’re curious about keeping you and others safe with virus disinfecting measures, then continue reading ­ particularly business owners currently trying to run a workplace amidst the coronavirus situation. What Are Viruses … Read More

How to Prepare Your Office for Moving Back In


When things eventually settle down with the COVID-19 virus epidemic, are you prepared with how you should move back into the office? There are a few procedures you should consider implementing for your office in preparation for moving back in. These are in line with standard COVID-19 procedures, but they’re also for the presentation and management of your office. Clean … Read More

COVID-19 Precautions in the Workplace


With the quick spread of COVID-19 (also known as “Coronavirus”) startling many business owners and employees, it’s now essential to take necessary precautions in the workplace – particularly for work requiring close contact with other people. There are many different precautions you can take in the workplace for the current COVID-19 crisis, which will be outlined in this post. Keep … Read More

New Disinfectant Fogging Systems


As the concerns over the coronavirus continues to grow and we all struggle to find ways to cope with the threat of the virus.  I wanted to let you know that Jantize America was able to acquire several disinfectant fogging systems. These systems allow us to spray a fine fog of disinfectant that can settle on more surface area. The … Read More

Common Types of Cleaning Services


Few people get pleasure from cleaning whether the place that needs tidying up is an apartment or a business office. That is why many choose to employ the services of a commercial cleaning firm. However, commercial cleaning is a broad term that covers a wide range of services and janitorial work. You need to know what the various kinds of … Read More

Why Commercial Cleaning is Important for Your Business


Whether you manage a large company or a small startup employing the services of a commercial cleaning firm is essential for the success of your business. Besides keeping your office clean, a janitorial service also acts as a pillar of stability for a profitable organization. If you want your office to turn into a clean and success-nurturing environment, you should … Read More

What is the difference between janitorial service and maintenance?

janitorial cart

When looking for a reliable cleaning solution for their offices, many companies have to choose between janitorial services and maintenance services. This choice could be a difficult one to make especially if you don’t know what the difference between them is and what they do. We are here to clear the air and help you make a wise, long-term investment … Read More

How to Keep Your Office Germ-Free

germs bacteria

Whether you are part of a private company, a state institution or a factory, sickness in the workplace is a real concern for the people working there. Crowded offices are breeding grounds for bacteria, and it only takes for one employee to develop a dirt-related, contagious illness for the others to soon feel under the weather. It is crucial that … Read More

5 Benefits of Green Cleaning

green cleaning

Going green is the new trend in cleaning indoor environments whether we are talking about office spaces or residential areas. More and more companies are looking into using the safest sanitizing solutions for the environment when tidying up their workspaces. There are several reasons why they choose to work only with commercial cleaning services that use these products. Here are … Read More