A Visitor’s Short Guide to the Bushnell Park Carousel in Hartford, CT

Bushnell Park Carousel

If you are in Hartford, CT and you are looking for some good old-fashioned fun, you should go straight to Bushnell Park. There, you will find one of the last 200 carousels that are still in use today in the United States.

Considered by many to be a national treasure, this 1914 original carousel will delight both adults and children alike. Here are a few facts and details that will make your visit to the Bushnell Park Carousel easier and more entertaining!

History of the Bushnell Park Carousel

The lively-colored carousel is located in Bushnell Park, which is the oldest publicly funded park in the United States. The 50-acre natural oasis was established in the 1850s and it has been a landmark of Hartford, Connecticut ever since.

While the carousel operates rides in the Bushnell Park, it hasn’t been there for the entirety of its existence. Between the time of its construction in 1914 and 1940, it was a fun attraction in Albany, New York. Then, it was moved to Canton, Ohio until 1974, before finding its current home in Hartford, CT.

The beautiful horses on the carousel are crafted during the heyday of amusement parks in the United States, which stretched between 1880 and 1930. It took several restoration and repair procedures throughout the years to keep the current carousel working.

The last and most thorough restoration occurred between 1999 and 2014 and saw the complete repainting of the horses to match their original design. Now, you can enjoy a 3 1/2 minute ride for just $2 and watch the world vividly swirl around you.

Special Programs for Kids at the Bushnell Park Carousel

If you want to gift your children a day that they will never forget, take them to the Bushnell Park Carousel in Hartford, CT. This fun location has a wide range of entertaining programs that are kid-friendly and which parents can thoroughly enjoy, too.

Have your pick of a special program from fairy parties, Disney-themed events and superhero adventure days. Your little ones can enjoy the exciting shows of professional entertainers while getting their faces painted, eating healthy snacks and interacting with other children in a fun and constructive way.

Private Events at the Bushnell Park Carousel

While the Bushnell Park Carousel is a perfect destination for a special day with your kids, the location can also serve private events like birthdays, baby showers, receptions, and wine tastings.

You can book the carousel for you and your close ones, and organize your wedding reception there. Live one of the most important days in your life in a fairy-like setting and have it photographed in a unique and charming setting.

How to get to the Bushnell Park Carousel

Bushnell Park is located in the Front Street District and it is bounded by Elm, Jewell, and Trinity Streets in Hartford, Connecticut. You will find the carousel at 1 Jewell Street, Hartford. The opening hours are from 11 to 5 p.m. from Friday to Sunday.