Jantize Offers Highly Rewarding Master Cleaning Franchise Business Opportunities at Affordable Costs

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Currently, we are looking for entrepreneurs who are interested in a unique opportunity. Jantize is seeking viable candidates to award one Master Franchise per city. This is a professional executive 8am-5pm position. The master franchisor will not be cleaning, removing trash, stripping floors or handling keys to buildings. You will be part of a multifaceted company that will generate income from many different sources. This offer is too good to pass up. You are liable to reap a lot of benefits, in both tangible and intangible assets.

Our master franchise program allows the chosen candidate to provide services to franchisees in a specified territory. You will be responsible for selling and supporting small businesses in the particular region you are placed over as Master Franchisor. This can be realized by the method of franchising. Your responsibilities as one of Jantize’s master franchisees will be recruitment of individual franchisees and providing all the training and support they will need, both initially and on an ongoing basis. This will ensure that there is productive development in the whole franchising operation that Jantize has set up.

The Master Franchise program is actually a franchisor and will operate during normal business hours creating revenue from five different sources...

  • Sales of franchises $3500 to $35000
  • On-going royalties and management fees 12-19%
  • Financing
  • Equipment leases
  • Product and supplies




Jantize offers a franchise business model that is consistently ranked as one of the fastest growing and most successful business opportunities in the world for the following reasons:

  • Residual Royalty Revenues
  • Low Cost Start Up
  • Unlimited Growth Potential
  • Recession Resistant
  • Entrepreneur has the benefit of “Proven” business practices from the Franchisor




This system is one of the best kept secrets in business ownership today! Area Developer and Master Franchise allows the business owner to develop a large business within a relatively short period of time with an extremely high success rate.


How is cleaning an Executive business?

Simple cleaning has very little to do with the Jantize America Master Program.

Jantize America has a proven master franchise concept that will allow professional sales and marketing executives to capitalize on the $128 billion commercial cleaning industry by the method of franchising.

The Area Developer Master Franchise candidate actually becomes a franchiser in your city and will operate during normal business hours creating significant revenue from many different sources.

  • Sales of Unit Franchises
  • Ongoing Royalties (residual income)
  • Management Fees
  • Financing Notes Payable
  • Equipment Leases
  • Products and Supplies